The Lighthouse for Women Halfway House

The Lighthouse for Women is a private, safe and secure temporary residence for women with specific needs.
For more information concerning the Lighthouse for Women please feel free to contact us directly.

Individual Therapy

All consumers will receive individual therapy at least twice per month for one hour per session. Sessions will focus upon individual issues related to promoting self-sufficiency and independent living.

Therapy Groups

Therapy groups are conducted once per week for approximatly 90 minutes. These groups combine traditional group therapy with Twelve Step principles. The group stays focused on the present, but examines how a client's history affects her thoughts, feelings, and behavior today. Group members are encouraged to safely self-disclose through questioning and discussion of treatment plan assignments. Issues common to women in recovery (from both substance abuse and mental health concerns) will be addressed in this group. Often, group members were the victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse before coming to treatment. The client should leave the group knowing that alcohol and other drugs will only impede her recovery from trauma. The client will also learn new ways to cope with the aftermath of trauma.

Peer Groups

Peer groups provide support and encouragement to clients via peer support. Group members explore their common experiences in a safe environment. This group helps the client to see how her current behaviors impact those around her, and explores ways to more effectively function in her environment. In general, this group will focus on how to improve the client’s daily living skills.

Life Skills

The development of effective life skills is a primary focus of the Lighthouse. Women will learn how to manage medications, medical/psychiatric appointments, financial responsi bilities, personal care, household management, and healthy recreational activities. Attendance at DRA, AA, NA, CA and other 12 Step recovery groups is also a daily activity.

Community Meetings

Community meetings are held to focus on client behavior and responsibility in the day-to-day functioning of the halfway house. Assignment of responsibilities, review of house/program rules and overall community concerns will be addressed.

Educational Groups

Educational groups are held several times per week at the Lighthouse. Educational groups include such topics as: Addiction, Mental Health and Health and Nutrition.


Upon admission, each resident is assigned to a therapist skilled in the treatment of dual disorders. Our House Mother is also available on a daily basis to assist with life skills development. Residents will also have the opportunity to interact with a psychiatrist, a licensed psychologist, a psychiatric nurse, masters level therapists, and numerous other mental health and substance abuse professionals.

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