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The use of alcohol and or other drugs does not have to control your life. Recovery is not only possible... recovery can be wonderful! With the proper treatment for this disease of addiction, you can once again live a life filled with hope, success and serenity. Greenbriar Treatment Center offers hope and help for the chemically dependent client, and support for the people who love them. Our treatment approach is based on respect for the individuality of the people we serve, and the knowledge that addiction is a treatable disease. If you think that you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, please call today to schedule an assessment with one of our treatment professionals. Give yourself the gift of a renewed life, and your family the gift of a lifetime.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In addition to being licensed by the State of Pennsylvania to provide drug and alcohol treatment, Greenbriar is also licensed as a Residential Treatment Facility for the treatment of Mental Health issues concurrent with the addiction. Dual treatment is provided by qualified Mental Health professionals under the guidance of our Director of Psychiatric Medicine.

In-Patient Treatment

Many clients need a 24 hour structured environment to safely withdraw from their chemical of choice. Greenbriar offers a medically monitored detoxification stage of care to comfortably assist the client through this process. Once this process is complete, the client may enter an inpatient recovery stage of treatment for intense education, therapies and community support. This level of care may also be an entry to treatment if withdrawal symptoms are not so severe that detox is necessary. Inpatient services are offered at the Washington site.

Payment and Insurance

Treatment services offered by Greenbriar are usually covered by group and/or individual health plans, including those offered by Medical Assistance or supplemented by local county agencies. A representative from our Business office will meet with prospective clients to explore all funding options.

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