Do I Need Help For Addiction?


You may have an addiction problem if your drug or alcohol use is affecting your life in a negative way.

How to tell if I have a drug or alcohol problem:

  • You are experiencing "The 4 C's" of addiction
  • You feel sick or experience intense cravings when you have not used in several hours or a day or two
  • You think about using often, especially towards the end of your work or school day
  • Your hygiene, weight, and overall appearance has changed
  • You decide to get high or drunk instead of attending a family, work, or social engagement
  • You fall asleep, pass out, or black out randomly
  • You isolate yourself from others or are hanging around people who are bad influence
  • Your performance and/or attendance at work is slipping
  • You experience depression, anxiety or extreme mood swings with or without your substance
  • You are frequently asking others to borrow money; you may have stolen some money from a family member, a friend, or from work

Life-Changing Moments...

"Greenbriar helped me turn my life around.  I will be forever grateful for the treatment that I received.  My family couldn't be happier to have their daughter back!"

- Anonymous 

"When I came in I was difficult to deal with and in denial.  I am coming up on a year clean next month.  I just want to thank the staff for saving my life."

- Stephanie N. 

"Greenbriar embraces the alcoholic and the addict.  The counselors are the best and most effective in the area... I would recommend to anyone."

- Nicholas

Frequently Asked Questions

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Greenbriar Treatment Center understands the unique needs of people suffering from addiction.  We have many levels of care ranging from Detox to Outpatient.  After a thorough assessment with a skilled evaluator, we will have an understanding of which level of care will be most helpful in your journey of recovery.

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A Greenbriar Treatment Center representative is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. At Greenbriar, we guarantee that one of our representatives will be in contact with you within 24 hours or less.

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