Do I Need Help?

You may have an addiction problem when your drug or alcohol usage is taking precedence in your life in a negative way.

Greenbriar identify addiction

How to tell if I have a drug or alcohol problem:

  • You feel sick or extreme cravings when you have not had your substance of choice
  • Your hygiene, weight, and overall appearance has suddenly changed
  • You decide to get high or drunk over another engagement
  • You fall asleep, pass out, or black out randomly
  • You isolate yourself from others or are keeping company of people who are bad influences
  • Your performance at work is down and you might be showing up late
  • You experience depression or extreme mood swings
  • You are making multiple poor decisions
  • You have to ask for or steal money
  • You may have blood shot eyes or significantly larger or smaller pupils

If you have any inkling that you may have a drug or alcohol addiction, call Greenbriar Treatment Center to ask a professional.


Call 1-800-637-HOPE