Does an Employee Need Help?

Substance abuse in the workplace has a devastating effect on American businesses. In today's current economy, employers are no longer able to shoulder financial burdens in the areas of rising healthcare costs, lost productivity, accidents, and theft.


Greenbriar, does an employee need help

Greenbriar Provides Work Place Training and Support:

Greenbriar Treatment Center provides in depth training and support to businesses to showcase the most effective ways to ensure a fit workforce by providing training designed specifically for administrators, HR professionals, safety directors, and supervisors. Greenbriar also provides a general presentation on drug and alcohol addiction for all employees.

The Supervisory Trainings will Address:

  • Addictive behavior manifesting in job performance and productivity
  • Safety factors and company liability
  • The importance of documentation from the onset of problems
  • How to identify reasonable suspicion
  • Techniques for confronting troubled employees with confidence, and without hesitancy

Almost 70% of illicit drug users are employed!

How to tell if a co-worker has a drug or alcohol problem:

  • Showing up late or disappearing for stretches of the day
  • Their performance at work has diminished
  • Poor hygiene or smelling like a substance
  • Drinking during breaks
  • Poor decision-making process
  • They become financially unstable
  • Significant changes in attitude and mood swings
  • Blood shot eyes or significantly larger or smaller pupils
  • Falling asleep or passing out
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain