Does a Loved One Need Help?

Sometimes it is difficult to admit or notice when a loved one has fallen prey to drug or alcohol addiction. If you have any concerns that your spouse, child, sibling, friend, significant other, or anyone you care about is addicted, please call Greenbriar now to discuss your specific situation with a trained professional.

Call 1-800-637-HOPE

loved one need help

How to tell if a loved one has a drug or alcohol problem:

  • Showing up late to things or disappearing for long stretches
  • Poor hygiene or smelling like a substance
  • Poor decision-making process
  • They are asking for money or stealing
  • Significant changes in attitude and mood swings
  • Blood shot eyes or significantly larger or smaller pupils
  • Falling asleep or passing out
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Isolating from loved ones
  • Interacting with individuals that are providing bad influences