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Our Mission

Gateway Rehab's Mission Is To Help All Affected By Addictive Diseases To Be Healthy In Body, Mind And Spirit.

Our Philosophy

The individual is recognized not only as a being of uniqueness, dignity, and worth, but also as one with the capacity for personal growth, responsibility, self-determination, and health.

Gateway views addiction as a primary illness rather than as a symptom of any other problem. Although the cause is unknown, the illness is viewed as treatable.

It is Gateway’s belief that recovery from addiction involves healing of all dimensions of a person—physical, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual. The process involves an improvement in self-awareness and self-image. There is a gradual realization and acceptance of the fact that recovery is a life-long process, which demands ongoing commitment.

The resources for recovery lie within the person, and the professional and self-help communities. Gateway gives special recognition to the role of the 12-step programs in fostering recovery. We put emphasis in our treatment programs on introducing patients to this time-honored pathway to sober, healthy living, 12-step principles and values—honesty, appropriate self-disclosure, the need for outside help and a support system, gratitude, and service to others—form the basic foundation of the rehabilitative process at Gateway. The role of the staff is to provide an atmosphere that facilitates this process. However, we understand that while the 12-step approach has proven “best for most,” some patients may need and may choose other pathways to recovery. In these instances, staff will work with patients to facilitate a program that helps keep the patient focused on recovery in a context they can accept. For all patients, the program provides structured guidance towards significant behavior changes, self-acceptance, the tools for personal growth, and a beginning experience in healthy living.